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Research For Your Remodeling Project

Researching the type of home improvement project can pay off in the long run. By reading a few articles, or buying a magazine that specializes in your desired remodeling trade can give you some great ideas, as well as, prepare you for the project. Such items as time frame for completion, cosmetic tips, and layout can make a big difference in the way your remodeling project turns out. So go ahead and take a few minutes to read through one or all of our remodeling articles.

Home Improvement Articles:

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Bathroom Remodeling      

Remodeling a Bathroom Can Be a Great Return on Investment

According to studies, bathroom remodeling ranks among one of the highest home improvement return on investments. Although a bathroom remodel can cost between $3,000 and $20,000, depending if it is a major overhaul or a simple upgrade, it can return 60-110% of it's value when you go to sell your home.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design Can Make a Huge Difference in Appearance Value

The look of a new bathroom remodel is what determines the feel and functionality. You must first determine if the bathroom you are remodeling is for guest use, kid use, or owner's use. The layout and design for a master bathroom will obviously be quite a bit different than that for a kids bathroom. Below you will find some guideline suggestions to consider for any type of bathroom remodeling project.

Guest Bathroom Ideas

If you are remodeling a bathroom for general use that guest's may use then simplicity and color are the top factors. The look should blend somewhat with the adjacent rooms. It need not match exactly, but it shouldn't be a major contrast either. Simplicity and ease of use come in to play as well. Keep in mind this bathroom will probably be used more often than the others; a nice quality low-flush toilet is a good idea. Easy to clean flooring and sinks will make it a snap when the party's over.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Here's where you get to have a little fun. If your children are young, a theme bathroom can be a fun project for both you and the kids. Just be cautious about a baby type theme that the kids may outgrow in a couple of years. Think of a theme that can be used for at least 5 years or more. A bathtub is usually a must and cost effectiveness is usually a good idea. Save the big spending for your master bathroom remodeling project where costs can add up quick.

Master Bathroom Ideas

This is where elegance and style come into play. A master bathroom remodeling project is usually the most expensive of the bathroom remodeling types. Allow yourself to get creative, and then you can always cut back if the expense gets too high. Popular trends are open view showers using seamless glass surrounds, dual shower heads and sinks (his and hers), and elegant tile throughout. A good idea is to buy a bathroom remodeling magazine and cut out pictures of style and layouts you like. Then share those pictures with your bathroom remodeling contractor.

Final Considerations

There are several more considerations when remodeling your bathroom, such as: low-flush toilets, heated flooring, ventilation, and room heating. Our professional MyLocalHomePro bathroom remodeling experts can help you choose the bathroom design that's best suited for your needs. Be sure to request your free consultation today!

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